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How does the 3 month course work?
Your first assignment will be to read the relevant API Body of Knowledge. Over the three month period you will receive PDF modules weekly/by-weekly from your course instructor. Once youíve answered the questions you email them back and they are scored. Your instructor will identify problem areas and work with you on them. CKRC will also be sending out audio/video instructions.

Is there student/lecturer communications outside of module work?
Yes. At any time you may contact your lecturer directly via email if you have a specific problem and he will assist you.

Do you offer on-site training?
Yes we do, but it is limited to companies as it is not financially viable for us to do on-site training for one individual, there are a lot of costs involved, that is why CKRC has developed this course to run over three months so that there can be enough time to sort through all the kinks before you write your examination.

What happens if I start the course late?
If you start late it would simply mean that youíll have to catch up. You will still receive all the modules, just with less time to complete them.

What happens if I complete the course and the ďspecialĒ site is cancelled by API?
What we usually do is try to send the student to another site nearest to the one heís applied for. If that isnít possible, it can be arranged with API that your examination date be moved to a later date and a site where there is sufficient applicants.

How do I get my application to API?
It is recommended that you courier your application to API, so you can get a tracking number which you can forward to CKRC and we will follow itís progress.

How do I pay for the examinations if I donít have a credit/visa card?
API can send you an invoice which would make it possible for you to do a wire transfer from a bank.

What happens if Iíve registered for an examination but cannot make it on the day?
Every applicant gets two extra opportunities to re-write his examination (at an additional cost of $50 USD to API) if you do not arrange with API well before the time that you cannot make an examination date, you will lose one of your re-write opportunities and still have to pay the $50 USD.

Where do I get API books?
CKRC can get a quote and arrange for you to buy them.


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