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CKRC Training Solutions in partnership with Intertek Consulting & Training specializes in providing training designed to maximize API Inspector examination candidate’s chances of first time success while minimizing the impact that preparation will have on the working schedule.

Our courses are designed based on a client’s specific needs and seeks to create a win-win scenario for the Examination candidate and the employer providing the training, in the case of private students this allows for reduced impact on working arrangements.

We currently offer preparation courses for the following API ICP examinations:
API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspectors
API 570 Piping Inspectors
API 653 Above Ground Storage Inspectors

Course curriculums are developed by subject matter experts who hold active inspector’s certifications and a minimum of 20 years’ practical experience in the application of inspection techniques, content is developed to cover all aspects of the API Body of Knowledge approved for a specific examination sitting.

Additional courses are currently under construction to assist in the following supplementary examination preparations (API 571, API 577 & API 580).

Courses can be developed to address any specific need related to inspection of pressure equipment on request and acceptance of quotation.

CKRC Training Solutions’ prices are very competitive; especially if you consider that the courses run over a 3-month period.

Currently there are three permanent API Examination sites in South Africa – Johannesburg, Durban & Cape Town. Seats to these sites are limited and seats are booked on a “first come, first served” basis.

The API examinations may be arranged practically anywhere in the world provided sufficient candidates are available and sufficient lead time is provided before the desired examination date, CKRC is available to aid in securing your special site.

Examinations are held worldwide on fixed dates:

Click here to download the API Schedule.

Application deadlines are approximately 9 weeks prior to the examination date, these dates are considered to be firm and late entries will be charged a “Late Payment Fee” by API.

Courses are Instructor led with a computer based format. We recommend that the course is completed over a 3-month period, modules are released on our eLearning Platform, each module requires the candidate to complete a reading assignment and online quiz which is scored immediately, any additional questions are then posted on our Discussion Forum by the candidate for review and reply by our subject matter expert.

When an employer/individual purchases the course a progress report is issued to a designated person every week until course completion. A final Course Report is issued upon completion of the course and writing of the API ICP Examination.

Modules on our eLearning Platform are issued as password protected PDF files and supplemented with audio video demonstrations; all material is sold to a single user and is nontransferable.

On site refresher or full training courses are also available and are subject to early booking and acceptance of quote (10 candidate minimum).

Details on the API ICP (American Petroleum Institute Individual Certification Program) can be found on the API website.

1. Individual Certification Programs
2. ICP Portal
3. General information and frequently asked questions

Mr. KR Maley is our subject matter expert and active petrochemical, nuclear, boiler inspector, he has 20 years’ experience as an inspector and trainer and most importantly he is certified in all the fields related to the material being prepared. He has a unique ability to teach this material from a practical and almost layman’s – to the most technical point of view, this allows him to communicate our product and align its content to a great variety of personalities, and allowing each to appreciate and benefit from our product.

Mr. KR Maley currently holds qualifications for API 510, 570, 653, 571, 580, 577 and 936.