Exam Site

The API examinations may be arranged practically anywhere in the world provided sufficient candidates are available and sufficient lead time is provided before the desired examination date, CKRC is available to aid in securing your special site.

Examinations are held worldwide on fixed dates: See API exam schedule here.

Application deadlines are approximately 9 weeks prior to the examination date, these dates are firm and no late entries are allowed.

API currently uses three “permanent” sites in South Africa in Johannesburg, Durban & Cape Town.

API will take the final decision on which sites will run, based on the number of applicants who apply for any of the sites.

All API application information is available on request.

The costs will be as follows:
Facilitation fee

R1140.00 (including VAT) per candidate (this fee secures your name on the list of potential candidates for this site, it is required up front and is nonrefundable and is payable directly to CKRC Training Solutions cc).

API 510, 570

USD 900.00, this payment on credit card will be processed by API at the time of the application at the exchange rate at the time, refer to application for additional methods of payment (portions of this amount may be reclaimed from API in the event a candidate fails his first attempt and does not wish to rewrite, terms and conditions apply).

API 653

USD 900.00

API 936

USD 500.00

API 571, 577 & 580

USD 350.00

Please note that these prices are for Non-API members only. All API Examination Fees can be viewed here.

Penalty fee:
In cases where the number of new applicants are insufficient API will impose an additional Penalty fee on the special site before the site will be allowed, the amount required by API will be divided equally between all confirmed new applicants/corporate and rewrite candidates who are part of this group. If before the API application deadline, it becomes clear to us that a penalty fee will be incurred, we will advise every one of the amount and each candidate will have the option to withdraw from the exam and forfeit the facilitation fee, after all candidates have advised of their willingness to pay the additional fee, the final amount will be calculated and forwarded to the remaining candidates and, after payment, API will proceed with the site confirmation. If the amount cannot be accommodated amongst the remaining candidates our backing for the site will be withdrawn for that round. All candidates who were willing to pay the initial penalty fee but lost access to the site due to withdrawal by others will not forfeit their facilitation fee.

General Info:
You must source study and open book material, there are various sources available, refer to the API document on the required material, they also provide a resource to order student material at a 20% discount, further information is available on request.

While preparing for the examination if you have any areas which require assistance please feel free to contact us and we will assist you or put you in touch with someone who can.

Please note that seating is limited and that this site is open to any private candidates who qualify, if you wish to participate in the upcoming Examinations please contact us.

Enrolment will be up until the application deadline.

If you have any additional queries or if you know of any additional candidates who may be interested please ask them to contact us, the more applications, the more affordable the site is for everyone.

Please note that our Site Facilitation does not include the 3-month eLearning course.