Hi Carike,

Thank you very much for the best wishes on Thursday.
Feedback so far from my side re the course, already spoken to Kevin and informed him on the great job he had done on course material. It is very well presented except from some minor issues as I have worked through everything which requires revision here and there.

If I had to give a score percentage wise then CKRC Intertek will get a 97.9999% from me. Not that everything was perfect but it was close to perfect.

Dealing with you and Kevin is always a pleasure and I will certainly recommend CKRC for all interested candidates that are interested to obtain API qualifications.

Mr. Gregory Buchler

Kevin & Carike,

I got my test score through today for the API 570 and I passed, so I wanted to say thanks very much for your help during the course. As I said in the feedback in February, I like the new format and found it very useful for revising as I could go back to old papers repeatedly and see what i did and didnt know. The one thing that did throw me in the exam though was looking for the information using the pc instead of my tabbed files as I did for 510. If there’s a way you could construct a module where students could only use an online database to find out information from B31.3 and ASME, I think that would be very helpful. My experience was that I thought I knew where to look but then with some exam pressure and time pressure, it was a little stressful trying to find out the information i needed. I think now that it would have helped me to work and revise more from my pdf files on pc than on my paper files. That said though, you have a very good coourse structure and I found the cost very reasonable as well. I’ll certainly recommend you to people I’m working with. That will probably be it for me for a while as I want to try and complete an HND but I’m sure I’ll be back in touch at some point. Take care and thanks again.

Seamus – 8 April 2015

Hi Carike,

I just received notification that I passed the API 510 exam. I wasn’t able to give the course my full attention unfortunately, so I’m especially pleased with the result. Really pleased with the course and training material, top class as normal. I’ll be looking to sign up for the 653 later in the year.
Thanks for the support.

Best regards
Steve Wilson
27 Jan 2018

Hi Carike
All went well yesterday, received a preliminary pass.
The course went well, was informative, even more than the information they needed in the exam, your modules were good and comprehensive.
Thank you.
Lean Venter
6 July 2017

Good day Guys,
I just wanted to thank each of you personally for all of the assistance and excellent materials over the course. After leaving the exam I had a feeling that I was more than equipped for the exam that I just wrote. I really appreciate all the hard work from you guys. I will be recommending as many people as I can to join your programmes. Thanks again. Much appreciated

Waylin Cole Morrow

Morning Carike,

I received a provisional pass for the examination yesterday, however, it did not go as well as the 653.

The course material itself provides a nice structure for exam preparations which prevents the student from being overwhelmed. It also prompts the student to start studying earlier rather than later (unfortunately in my case the birth of my firstborn threw a spanner in the works).

The only negative comment I have is that in some of the calculations based on the B31.3, the stresses/temperatures do not agree with the new version of the code. Thanks once again for the support during this course and the previous one.

Malcolm Howse
6 July 2017

– – – – –

Response from CKRC & Intertek Team – 7 July 2017

We apologize profusely for the minor issues with B31.3 and the issue has been resolved.

Kind Regards,

CKRC & Intertek Team

API 570 examination September 2013

I am very glad to confirm that I achieved a passing mark for the API 570 exam. This is a significant achievement, and I would like to thank you all for your invaluable support and excellent training.

API 653 examination March 2014
Johan van Schalkwyk – Parsons

The course that was presented was very informative, as it did not only deal with API 653 but also included other related and sometimes overlooked codes and recommended practices dealing with the repairs to tanks. Very often when dealing with a particular repair / problem on tanks, only that issue is dealt with or addressed and this often leads to the actual cause of the problem being missed. This course also covered the various codes and did not just concentrate on what was going to be asked in the final exam. I would recommend this to anyone who is going to attempt the API 653 exam.

API 510, 570, 653 & 580 (All passed on first attempt) 2013 & 2014
Scott O’Connor

All in all, I must say that I enjoy your courses and that I think your method of teaching encourages the student to be a well-prepared new inspector rather than just teach him/her to pass the exam. The feedback from some colleagues who have attended the Cliff Matthews courses back this up. He beasts his students until they can pass the exam without necessarily understanding the “why” behind it. I think that any student prepared to put in the time would benefit greatly from your courses and I will continue to recommend your training based on the results I have achieved with you.

I have met a lot of people who know you through previous work experiences, and some who have completed your preparation courses, and the general consensus is that you are a very intelligent and highly qualified individual who is only to happy to pass on your knowledge to those willing to learn.

I hope this helps in some way and I look forward to attending more courses with you in future.

API 570 September 2013
Talent Nxumalo

Morning, hope you are doing well. I wanted to thank you and your company for the study material that you provided for preparation of the API 570 examination. They were helpful in understanding what to expect in the exam and it helped me towards my preparation for the exam last week.

API 570 September 2013
Ivor Von Luiters

I just want to take the opportunity to say thank you for assisting and guiding me through this course once again, thank you very much.

API 510 December 2013
Seamus Brennan
Hi Carike,

Happy 2014!

I just wanted to say thank you for your’s and Kevin’s help with the 510 course. I know I did not pass your course because I did not return all of my assignments, but I did find the course very helpful and very good preparation for the exam. I found that the course actually covered things that weren’t really touched on in the exam but which I think will be very useful for the role as an Inspector.

Regarding the exam, I’m not sure how I got on. I felt that the open book session went ok but I was a little less confident after the closed book. I felt that there were a few questions where more than one option looked reasonable, which isn’t a good sign!

Anyway, fingers crossed.
Thanks again.